Top Gun: Maverick – About

Top gun movie maverick is a sequel to 1986 movie Top Gun.

Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, a naval aviator returns back as a teacher to train some naval aviators for a high risk mission.

While teaching Maverick confronts his past and gets to know that among the naval aviators he is training, one aviator is the son of his late best friend.

How will he train these young aviators and successfully accomplish the mission is the premise of Top Gun: Maverick.

Release Date

Top Gun: Maverick was released on May 27, 2022 in Theaters and on August 22, 2022 it was released on streaming platforms.

Top gun Maverick movie rating

This Movie has an IMDB rating of 8.4/10.

On RottenTomatoes Top gun Maverick movie has a score of 96% on the Tomatometer and 99% according to Audience Score.

Top gun who is penny?

Penny Benjamin has been the love interest of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell.

You have probably heard her name a few times in part 1 but she finally made her first physical appearance in Top Gun: Maverick.

While her name was a mystery, we get to know that she is Admiral’s daughter. In Top Gun: Maverick, it is cleared that Penny is a single mother and her daughter named Amelia Benjamin lives with her. In addition Amelia further mentions that now her father lives in Hawai with another wife.

Penny runs a bar close to Top Gun detachment location. Maverick runs into her in her bar when he comes back in Top Gun to teach. They flirt a little, but Penny says the past is gone now, they both have gone different roads, and she wants them to be friends.

After the mission ends at the end of the movie, Maverick returns for her, but she’s gone. She eventually returns, and Maverick takes her for a plane ride.

Cast of top gun maverick movie

  • Tom Cruise
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Miles Teller
  • Val Kilmer
  • Bashir Salahuddin
  • Jon Hamm
  • Charles Parnell
  • Monica Barbaro
  • Lewis Pullman
  • Jay Ellis
  • Danny Ramirez
  • Glen Powell
  • Jack Schumacher
  • Manny Jacinto
  • Kara Wang
  • Greg Tarzan Davis
  • Jake Picking
  • Raymond Lee

Top gun maverick movie length

Movie has a runtime of 2hr 11min.

Top gun movie streaming – where to watch?

You can watch Top Gun: Maverick on –

  • Amazon Prime videos
  • In Theaters
  • VUDU

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