On the 28th of December, Marvel Studios tweeted that there is going to be a documentary about Stan Lee on Disney+. Marvel studios announced this on what would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday.
With the announcement also came a short teaser video about Stan Lee documentary. The video showed us a few scenes of Stan Lee’s cameo in different Marvel movies while the video starts to zoom out and at last we see Stan Lee’s image.
The documentary will be available to watch on Disney+ in 2023.

Disney+ also tweeted saying, “100 years of dreaming. 100 years of creating. 100 years of Stan Lee”.

Celebrating his legacy, James Gunn, the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy also tweeted remembering him, “Happy 100th birthday to Stan Lee. You are missed, my friend”.

Stan Lee is the reason we have this huge world of Marvel Comics and everything we are watching around Marvel.
Other writers like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Stan Lee created beloved characters like Spiderman, Iron Man, and many more. Later on, these comics started being adapted for full-length feature films, and that is what led us to what Marvel is offering us today.
Stan Lee was the reason for the existence of Marvel, later on when movies started to happen, Stan Lee started appearing in every single Marvel movie as a cameo.
Among all other reasons, fans were excited to spot Stan Lee in all the Marvel movies.

Unfortunately, Stan Lee passed away in 2018, and after that Marvel movies have never been the same. Now the live-action Marvel movies do not have a Stan Lee cameo. But when any animated movie is made they make sure to put Stan Lee in there. It will be exciting to watch him in the upcoming Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse movie.

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