Why you should watch Avatar- The way of water?

avatar 2

Before you watch Avatar- The way of water full movie, you should know that it’s a sequel to Avatar, directed by James Cameron which was released more than a decade ago in 2009.
When Avatar was released it changed the cinema experience for movie fanatics. This wasn’t a movie that you could have enjoyed to its full potential watching it on any screen. This movie demanded the audience to come to the theatre and enjoy it to the fullest. There weren’t many movies at that time which were made to give you an experience in 3D.
Apart from experiencing it in 3D, Avatar gave me the opportunity to cherish never seen before like visuals to the audience.

Talking about the storyline, Avatar wasn’t the movie to watch for a great storyline. That being said storyline was decent, but combining this decent storyline with epic visuals, larger-than-life concepts, and vibrant colors made this movie the highest-earning movie with a massive collection of 2.78 billion dollars. To give you a perspective on how massive this collection was, no movie came close to this collection let alone breaking this record until Avengers: Endgame came into existence which was released in 2019. Literally, for a decade Avatar was holding the title for the highest-grossing movie.

Who will be the antagonist in Avatar- The way of water?

In continuation to Avatar, where we saw humans losing the battle against the Navi people of Pandora and later were forced to return to their dying planet.
We saw the antagonist of the movie Colonel Miles Quaritch played by Stephan Lang die at the end of the movie.
But looking at the trailer we get to know that Colonel Miles will be the antagonist for the 2nd part as well. Now the question arises how is this possible?

avatar 2 villain

Well here is a theory. In part 1 we saw human minds were scanned in order to establish a link between the human body and their avatar ( Navi body). So there is a possibility that Colonel Miles’s mind at some point in the past was scanned and secretly an avatar body for him must have been under production. So even though he died, there is a digital conscience of him stored somewhere which will be uploaded to his avatar body and he will be back.
Fun fact we see the same tattoo over his avatar body on his bicep that was there in his human body in the same place as well.

Why humans came back to Pandora and what could be the premise of Avatar- The way of water?

As we saw in the first movie, it was the year 2154 on Earth, and humans almost exhausted all the resources of their planet. There was no greenery and by the passing of time it is becoming inhabitable for them to live there, so in search of another habitable planet, they come across Pandora. On exploring it further they find an element they called Unobtanium, which the shareholders on Earth wanted and it is a rare element the price for this is 20 million dollars for a kilo of that element.

avatar 2 wallpaper

Till now it is not disclosed for what purpose this unobtanium is being extracted. But as the humans were told to leave the planet Pandora and we are going to see them return in this part again, this element must be of very important purpose to the humans.

It is inevitable that when humans will set foot again on the lands of Pandora, a battle between humans and the Navi people is bound to happen. And to fight the Navi people, this time humans will be bringing their own Navi soldiers which we see in the trailer, who is none other than Colonel Miles himself in his Navi body.
Knowing how the humans are they will have planned an attack to succeed and on their first attack humans will succeed, which as result will force the tribe of Jack Sully ‘Toruk Makto’ to find a place somewhere else. In this journey of finding a new place, they will be introduced to the water tribe of Navi and they all will battle against humans.

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