65 Movie release date?

65 Movie will release theatrically on March 10, 2023.

What do we get to know from the ‘65’ movie trailer?

65 trailer dropped yesterday (14 Dec 2022) and it is looking so good. This movie is a science fiction thriller written by the writers of ‘A Quiet Place’, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, and is produced by Sam Raimi.
Looking at these names together gives a sense that with the thriller genre this movie will also have horror elements. Horror movie lovers, you all are in for a treat with this movie.

Movie cast

  • Adam Driver
  • Ariana Greenblatt
  • Chloe Coleman
  • Alexandra Shipp

Movie concept

If we talk about the concept of the movie, we have seen before Jurassic Park, which deals with the subject of what if Dinosaurs start roaming in the modern world. Well, ‘65’ gives us the same subject but the roles of dinosaurs and humans are reversed. Well, not exactly humans but 2 people to be exact.

65 Movie plot

In the first shot, we see a spaceship and we look at the technologies which give us an idea that this is happening many many years from now. It is possible that Earth is now not habitable as we listen to the main character Mills played by Adam Driver say that they are on an exploratory mission. Which includes him and 35 others on that spaceship.

As the trailer plays forward we see on their journey an unknown asteroid hit them that causes damage to the spaceship and the character Mills has to crash land the ship on a nearby planet.

On landing, he discovers among the 35 only one survived and that person is a girl in her teenage years whose name is Koa, played by Ariana Greenblatt.

Through the trailer, we get to know that the planet they crashed on has living dinosaurs. By the end of the trailer, we also see a shot in which in the background it looks like a meteor is hitting the planet.

Are they on Earth from the prehistoric period?

65 movie scene

Looking at the 65 movie plot and trailer there are 2 possible outcomes.
First is that the spaceship crashed on a planet that is not Earth but the organisms living on this planet are Dinosaurs. Second is that while they were crashing, somehow maybe through a wormhole, they end up crashing on Earth 65 million years ago when dinosaurs were alive.

Whichever option the movie will show us, both options have the potential to make the movie thrilling and entertaining.

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